[WESTON PATCH 2/2] compositor-drm: Watchdog timer implementation

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 14:40:18 PDT 2014

On 10/29/2014 12:19 PM, Frederic Plourde wrote:

> Mhh... you mean something like :
> static int
> drm_output_watchdog_timer_create(struct drm_output *output)
> {
>      struct wl_event_loop *loop = NULL;
>      struct weston_compositor *ec = output_base->compositor;
>      loop = wl_display_get_event_loop(ec->wl_display);
>      if (loop) {
>          output->wdt->timer = wl_event_loop_add_timer(loop,
>                                          drm_output_watchdog_bark,
> ec->watchdog_timer_timeout);
>      blah..blah...

Yes that is what I meant.

> If so, then I think I'd prefer to completely remove
> 'drm_output_watchdog_timer_create" and inline it directly from
> 'create_output_for_connector', since it's not a very big function anyway
> and we're not sure as of today that we're going to reuse this for
> anything else.

Probably that is ok as well. The main problem is that it is impossible 
to inline the "bark" function so one part of the code is in a different 
place, which may mean it is clearer to put the reference to that 
function up next to it too.

> what do you think ?
> I'm usually not a big fan of static functions with hard-coded values,
> but if you tell me it's better for clarity... I might be tempted, dunno.

Generally I don't think a generic function should be written until you 
have at least 2 instances where it is used.

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