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Mon Sep 1 00:29:13 PDT 2014

On Fri, 29 Aug 2014 17:40:41 +0200
Matthieu Gautier <dev at> wrote:

> Hello All,
> As usual, a small self introduction...
> My name is Matthieu Gautier, French developer of 30 years old.
> I'm a developer for years now and I've worked on a lot of projects 
> related to embedded and graphics (video game, scientific visualization 
> and digital TV). My last job was to work on a embedded platform allowing 
> user to have several applications running simultaneously on its TV on 
> top of the live video (pretty relative to Wayland isn't it ? :) ).
> I'm also a long term user of Free software and I'm Fedora ambassador for 
> almost as long as I'm developer.
> And my irc nickname is starmad.
> Well, my small introduction made, let's speak about Wayland:
> I'm really interested in the wayland project and now than I've more free 
> time, I would like to stop looking at the project and start being 
> involve in it.
> Where am I?
> I've made the minimal : read the doc, downloaded, compiled and run 
> wayland/weston. Played a little with everything and dived in the source 
> code.
> Where can I go ?
> In a lot of directions.
> Where will I go ?
> Well.. Learn more about Wayland and Weston.
> To do so, I plan to search on bugzilla few easy fix (If you know some, 
> don't hesitate), the best way to enter in a project. And probably ask 
> you a lot of questions :)


since we are close to the 1.6 release, and entering feature freeze
after this week, reviewing patches and fixing bugs would be most
welcome. I expect me personally will not have time to look through the
bugzilla as I will be overwhelmed by review tasks with the time I can

If the last comment in a report is a few weeks old, it would be useful
to re-test and post a +1 in the bug report if it still happens.
Hopefully you'd find some that we can already close.

There are some notes at


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