[ANNOUNCE] libinput 0.6.0

Jonas Ådahl jadahl at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 14:19:33 PDT 2014

A new release of libinput, 0.6, is available.

This release has some API changes, namely:

 * libinput_device_get_keys is deprecated.

Initial device state can now always be assumed to be that no keys are

 * libinput_device_calibrate is both changed and deprecated.

Calibration of touch devices has been changed to be using a normalized
calibration matrix. While libinput_device_calibrate has undergone this
change, it has also been deprecated and replaced with a configuration
API. See the documentation for the following more information how to
manually set the calibration matrix.


The implicit reading of the udev parameter WL_CALIBRATION has been
removed in favor for LIBINPUT_CALIBRATION_MATRIX. The usage of
WL_CALIBRATION was broken because the translation part of its matrix was
in pixels which is a metric not available in libinput. The new
calibration matrix avoids this by having the translation be normalized to
the dimension of the device dimensions. See the documentation for details
about how to use the LIBINPUT_CALIBRATION_MATRIX udev parameter.

Other changes include fixes to generic pointer devices and touchpads, as
well as various clean ups and bug fixes.

The full commit shortlog is below:

Hans de Goede (2):
      touchpad: reset motion history when nfingers changes on semi-mt pads
      litest-alps-semi-mt: Fix compiler warnings

Jan Engelhardt (1):
      build: symbol ck_assert_ptr_ne requires check-0.9.10

Jonas Ådahl (10):
      test: Use only one test device for some udev and path tests
      test: Remove test device from context when deleting
      test: Don't fail when events are enabled multiple times
      evdev: Let dispatch instances set their own capabilities
      evdev: Use helper for separating buttons from keys
      evdev: Ignore key/button release events if key was never pressed
      evdev: Keep track of button/key press count per device
      evdev: Release still pressed keys/buttons when removing device
      touchpad: Only break out of tap FSM for clickpad button presses
      configure.ac: libinput 0.6

Peter Hutterer (28):
      test: auto-update for BTN_TOOL_* when using litest_touch_ functions
      Document that the delta from pointer events is accelerated
      evdev: don't return a width/height if we faked the resolution
      test: add a semi-mt Alps test device
      touchpad: increase top software button area to 15%
      Use -no-install instead of -static for local noinst linking
      Disable static libraries
      evdev: plug memory leak on libevdev_new_from_fd failure
      Don't close the fd if libinput_add_fd() fails
      touchpad: mark a intentional switch case fallthrough as such
      Swap conditions for ARRAY_FOR_EACH()
      touchpad: silence Coverity warnings about uninitialized use
      Fix a doxygen reference
      test: add helpers to wait for specific events
      test: add a generic single-touch device
      udev: use evdev_device_calibrate() instead of manually writing the matrix
      evdev: constify evdev_device_calibrate
      evdev: apply calibration to multitouch values as well
      util: add a couple of 3x3 matrix helper functions
      evdev: switch to a normalized transformation matrix
      test: add tests for touch calibration
      Change calibration into a configuration option
      evdev: load the LIBINPUT_CALIBRATION_MATRIX as default matrix
      test: fix infinite loop in litest_wait_for_event_of_type()
      test: use the evironment variable for check's verbosity
      Document the static udev configuration options we support

git tag: 0.6.0

MD5:  1e647c306444f20df9373e98860dd5ea  libinput-0.6.0.tar.xz
SHA1: c6947b5bce0d82fc37e186f2626b468324a6c4d9  libinput-0.6.0.tar.xz
SHA256: 8cff8868e108899febe0ca93981432bd755cb183b7f09c2ec7bc4bb3952ea97b  libinput-0.6.0.tar.xz
PGP:  http://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-0.6.0.tar.xz.sig

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