xdg shell status and gaps

Matthias Clasen matthias.clasen at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 04:20:05 PDT 2014


so yesterday we released what we described as a day-to-day usable
GNOME/Wayland. Congratulations to everybody involved in defining
xdg-shell on getting us this far.

But... (I wouldn't write if there wasn't a but) we are not yet calling
it a '100% complete port' because there are still a number of things
that don't work, compared to X.

It is quite possible that some of these should be done differently
under Wayland, or not at all. It is also possible that there are
already plans for supporting these things that I don't know about. In
that case, please set me straight.

Anyway, here's the list:

1) Marking dialogs as modal (needed so we can implement the 'attached
modal' visuals of gnome-shell

2) Lowering windows (used e.g. by GtkInspector to get out of the way
when picking a window

3) Raising or activating windows (needed e.g when activating a
pre-existing window of a single-window application)

4) Learning about output characteristics - is this display the
'primary' / builtin / projector ? (needed e.g. when deciding which
output to show a presentation on)

5) Finding out if there is desktop chrome that should be avoided (ie.
'workarea') ? (Useful e.g. for window size heuristics)

Outside of xdg-shell, we found that there's currently no protocol
support for handling some traditional aspects of DND:

6) Snap-back animation if a drag ends unsuccessfully

7) Root window drop


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