[PATCH 2/6] compositor-drm: Allow instant start of repaint loop.

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Tue Apr 7 22:49:12 PDT 2015

Hi Mario,

On Wednesday, April 8, 2015, Mario Kleiner <mario.kleiner.de at gmail.com>
> It should be fine, i was involved in this stuff for lots of XOrg DRI2/DRI3
> work, but i also tested it on single display and dual-display for each of
> the two outputs and for both outputs simultaneously and different refresh
> rates, resolutions etc. -- hence my other patches in the series fixing
> fullscreen/modesetting problems etc. i found when trying to do the
> multi-display timing testing

Out of interest, are these tests available somewhere?

>  If you're going to respin this patch, you could take care
>> of that whitespace issue also(*).
> What are actually the policies for indentation? I spent almost more time
> fighting my text editor for indentation than writing the code. The files
> use tabs instead of regular spaces for indenting like most other projects?
> Maybe i have my tab-width wrong and therefore struggle to get it right?

Just like the kernel - hard tabs for alignment, tab width of 8.

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