EFL/Wayland and xdg-shell

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On 14.04.2015 05:19, Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
>>> The solution GNOME takes, which is admittedly maybe too unrealistic,
>>> is that IBus is our input method framework, and thus our compositor
>>> has somewhat tight integration with IBus. I don't think input methods
>>> need to be part of the core Wayland protocol.

Using exclusively IBus in GNOME compositor is ok. But I do not think 
IBus could replace a Wayland text protocol. For example the GNOME screen 
keyboard (caribou) does not use IBus but some GTK+ module hack (so it is 
broken with most non GNOME applications even when they use IBus).

>> That may be in line with the current thinking in the EFL camp.
>> Does that mean the input-method and text protocol files in weston are of
>> no use at all to gnome?
> These are currently unused by GNOME. They were written by Openismus,
> the company that wrote Maliit, that has shut down now. In my opinion,
> it's too complicated, mandates a split where the keyboard needs to be
> replaceable.

That is not true GNOME shell can support the Wayland text protocol and 
still use IBus and a gnome-shell keyboard exclusively without the need 
to make anything replaceable.

> I'm not sure the text-protocol has any value at all, but I'll let Rui
> Matos, our input method "expert", answer.

There are currently some issues with the text protocol (which we noticed 
in real world embedded projects), I will propose a fixed text protocol 
soon which will fix this issues and should make it fit to become a core 
Wayland protocol.

Note this is all about the text protocol which should be used between 
applications and compositor I do not really care about a protocol 
between compositor and virtual keyboard (input-method protocol in weston).

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