EFL/Wayland and xdg-shell

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Thu Apr 16 05:41:44 PDT 2015


On 16.04.2015 00:51, Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
>>> actually the other way around... clients know where the vkbd region(s) are
>>> so client can shuffle content to be visible. :)
>> In a VKB (rather than overlay-helper, as used for complex composition)
>> scenario, I would expect xdg-shell to send a configure event to resize
>> the window and allow for the VKB. If this isn't sufficient - I
>> honestly don't know what the behaviour is under X11 - then a potential
>> version bump of wl_text could provide for this.
> no - resizing is a poorer solution. tried that in x11. first obvious port of
> call. imagine vkbd is partly translucent... you want it to still be over window
> content. imagine a kbd split onto left and right halves, one in the middle of
> the left and right edges of the screen (because screen is bigger). :)

Yes on the Nokia N9 we also solved the problem with widget relocation 
instead of resizing (see 

I will add an event to the text protocol to support that.

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