[ANNOUNCE] libinput 0.21.0

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Aug 3 18:24:44 PDT 2015

A new release of libinput, 0.21.0, is now available. 

This should've been the 1.0RC1 but we had way too many changes after 0.20 to
be comfortable claiming we're stable now. So here's another 0.x release,
hopefully the last one.

A new addition to the API is the configuration option to toggle
disable-while-typing. It's still enabled by default, but can now be disabled
for the use-cases where it is problematic (games, for example). The API is
the usual quartett of configuration options:

The second addition to the API is the ability to get the time in
microseconds from an event:
libinput switched internally to use µs for all timestamps which will help
those devices that have a sampling frequency of more than 1000Hz. Many
thanks to Jonas Ådahl for implementing this feature.

Thumb detection, added for 0.20 has seen fine-tuning to reduce the number of
misdetection. Likewise, the gesture code has seen a bunch of changes to tune
the reliability of gesture detection, especially on semi-mt touchpads.
Scrolling is now more reactive too, with reduced thresholds before scrolling
kicks in.

We've also merged a bunch of device-specific device handling to work around
quirks and deficiencies in some touchpad hardware.

Note that if your distribution is on kernel 4.1.x, you should add this patch
here to your distribution's package unless kernel dbf3c37086 is in your tree

As usual, the git shortlog is below.

Jonas Ådahl (7):
      test: Use ck_assert_double_ for checking doubles in some places
      Always use uint64_t for internal timestamp values
      test/pointer: Don't rely on velocities in direction change test
      timer: Warn about negative timer offsets
      Change to micro seconds for measuring time internally
      test: Make udev path variables more explicitly named
      Ignore test devices for libinput contexts not run from the test suite

Peter Hutterer (70):
      udev: don't install the litest udev rules
      touchpad: remove a leftover check for fake resolution
      test: add 3fg and 4fg clickfinger tests
      touchpad: fix typo
      tools: only print angle/scale for pinch events
      touchpad: drop two now unused defines
      Drop vector_length(), replace with hypot(3)
      evdev: log a trackpoint const accel setting
      Mark internal log functions with attribute(printf)
      evdev: restore pointing stick const accel property parsing
      tools: handle the initial set of events at event-gui's startup
      touchpad: reduce 2fg scroll threshold to 2mm
      touchpad: reduce unpin threshold to 1.5mm
      Move CASE_RETURN_STRING to libinput-util.h
      touchpad: skip thumb detection for touchpads smaller than 50mm
      touchpad: only enable thumb detection on clickpads
      touchpad: 4-finger clickfingers are middle button clicks
      touchpad: ignore thumbs when counting clickfingers
      touchpad: use the top-most touch for fake finger positions
      touchpad: scale thumb pressure threshold with the resolution
      Move CASE_RETURN_STRING to libinput-util.h
      test: only run 3-slot test for touchpads with three slots
      evdev: allow for multiple LIBINPUT_MODEL_* flags per device
      Tag synaptics serial touchpads with a LIBINPUT_MODEL tag
      touchpad: handle serial synaptics slot confusion on TRIPLETAP
      touchpad: reset the motion history during/after a slots->nfake crossover
      test: fix hover test to avoid the edge scroll zone
      test: enable 2fg scrolling on most palm tests
      touchpad: make the edge-scroll edge 7mm wide
      touchpad: only edge-scroll while the finger is in the edge area
      test: only initialize the generic rules/hwdb once
      test: split button tests into separate binary
      touchpad: drop TOUCHPAD_HAS_TRACKPOINT_BUTTONS parsing
      Add a configuration interface for enabling/disabling disable-while-typing
      touchpad: hook up disable-while-typing configuration
      touchpad: only try thumb detection in the lowest 15/8mm
      test: only run 3-slot test for touchpads with three slots
      test: fix default axis value assignment
      touchpad: a pressure change alone needs touch processing, mark as dirty
      touchpad: put a movement threshold on thumb detection
      touchpad: don't log a bug for Apple's one-button touchpads
      test: filter out edge-scroll-only touchpads from 2fg scroll tests
      test: enable 2fg scrolling before tests that rely on it
      test: rename 2fg natural scroll test to be more obvious
      test: don't leak the custom udev rule path for devices with custom creates
      touchpad: don't check clickfinger distance for three fingers
      touchpad: disable 2fg scrolling on Synaptics semi-mt touchpads
      touchpad: log when thumb detection is enabled on a device
      test: add a bunch of libinput_dispatch() before timeout calls
      touchpad: update the thumb move timeout to µs
      test: add missing libinput_dispatch() before timeouts
      test: abort if we trigger a libinput bug message
      gestures: check ntouches, not just num_slots for the number of fingers
      touchpad: drop distance threshold to detect pinches
      doc: add a page on how to report bugs
      test: move the helper functions to the litest.h file
      touchpad: move CAP_GESTURE assignment to the touchpad code
      tools: fix the velocity range for printing the ptraccel profile
      filter: fix x230 acceleration function for the ms→us change
      filter: move the pointer acceleration profiles back to units/ms
      test: fix test case failure caused by belated timer
      touchpad: make gestures optional
      touchpad: disable gestures on Synaptics semi-mt touchpads
      touchpad: elantech touchpads can use a 2mm gesture motion threshold
      touchpad: pretend the jumpy semi-mt touchpad is a single-touch touchpad
      doc: add a page about touchpads
      gestures: reduce 2fg scroll timeout to 500ms
      touchpad: always enable the bottom-most area for thumb detection
      udev: include new udev rule in EXTRA_DIST
      configure.ac: libinput 0.21.0

Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen (1):
      Code cleanup

git tag: 0.21.0

MD5:  f91d8f4ced986f1ae16d52ea02bc7837  libinput-0.21.0.tar.xz
SHA1: 02626c3d168a9875e6876ddaf4b609e213502a34  libinput-0.21.0.tar.xz
SHA256: 7cce7a9e510dfe5c4a19ad00e9350808d4f59f8611fd2b5e87213c507283f550  libinput-0.21.0.tar.xz
PGP:  http://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-0.21.0.tar.xz.sig

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