[PATCH libinput 00/16] pointer acceleration cleanup

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Aug 4 23:32:29 PDT 2015

Patches 01-07 are cleanup to fix the current mess of different speeds and
add a bit of clarity in what we're doing here. Especially 05 and 06 should
help greatly here.

Patches 08-14 split the pointer acceleration parts up a bit further, even
though that introduces duplication. Right now we only differ between the
acceleration profiles but everything else is the same. This patchset splits
them up further so that the pre-processing (e.g. velocity calculation) is
different between the acceleration methods too. This will eventually allow
us to do some per-device custom processing. The patches don't really change
functionality, at this point it's just shuffling code around.

15 and 16 add documentation. Which amongst other things should make it
easier to explain and understand what happens.

Also, 15 will probably get stuck in the moderation queue since it contains a
couple of SVGs that will exceed the size limits :)
The full tree is here:


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