[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.1.2

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Dec 8 15:46:33 PST 2015

libinput 1.1.2 is now available. Four significant bugfixes:
* the 2-finger scroll threshold was reduced to 1mm which significantly
  reduces the delay users experienced when scrolling
* BTN_TOOL_* events are not posted as button events anymore. These aren't
  button events anyway, they are signals from the kernel that a different
  tool is being used.
* once diagonal scrolling was triggered, scroll events without a
  horizontal or vertical would still have the matching axis flag set and
  look like scroll stop events to the caller.
* On a semi-mt touchpad with hovering capabilities, releasing both fingers
  within the same event frame caused a bug log message, this is fixed now.

Peter Hutterer (10):
      touchpad: reduced the 2fg scroll threshold to 1mm
      Add a missing closing ) in a comment
      Ignore BTN_TOOL_* events when posting button events
      test: abort if we have a test that doesn't run for any devices
      test: if we're hovering, don't send BTN_TOUCH
      touchpad: don't try to position fake touches when no fingers are down
      tools: print which scroll axis we have in event-debug
      test: always call libinput_dispatch after moving touches
      touchpad: don't set the axis for a 0.0 value in a scroll event
      configure.ac: libinput 1.1.2

git tag: 1.1.2

MD5:  634830eb423acd71262b23a13154f6f7  libinput-1.1.2.tar.xz
SHA1: 4be5442034b8ed1de0606ad6d000d9aba3168a75  libinput-1.1.2.tar.xz
SHA256: a323a32718a8f0f5e85e1ed3a81f0dde45eb52b215a15c7887bec40961d97a84  libinput-1.1.2.tar.xz
PGP:  http://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.1.2.tar.xz.sig

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