[PATCH weston 00/11] ivi-shell: multi screen supprot

Nobuhiko Tanibata nobuhiko_tanibata at xddp.denso.co.jp
Tue Dec 8 22:30:57 PST 2015


This proposes multi screen support by ivi-shell. This allow user to 
manage a
hierarchy; surface, layer, and screen. Current code expects single 
screen so
user can not assign a layer to another display by using ivi-layout 
This patch series also updates a reference code of controller; 
to manage surfaces in multi screen. It provide an example of layer inter 

Best regards,
Nobuhiko Tanibata

  clients/ivi-shell-user-interface.c |  39 ++++--
  ivi-shell/hmi-controller.c         | 452 
  ivi-shell/ivi-layout.c             |  69 ++++++++--
  ivi-shell/weston.ini.in            |   3 +
  4 files changed, 410 insertions(+), 153 deletions(-)

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