Patch queue status for 1.7.0

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Thu Feb 5 00:52:41 PST 2015

Hi all,

We're entering the final stretch for 1.7.0, and I wanted to give an
overview of where the patch review queue is at.

Broadly, for the release I think we're in good shape.  All urgent
patches have landed, as have anything that is either trivial or
obviously safe.  Even a number of non-trivial patches have been landed,
where it was clear they'd gotten adequate review.

There are a bunch of patches that were reviewed and need adjustments
before they'll be considered further.  Some of these still have a chance
to land in 1.7 if the corrections are made:

A bunch we've determined aren't suitable for 1.7 because they need
deeper thought, or are dependent on other changes yet to be
implemented.  Once 1.7 is out, we'll restore these to Under Review
state and continue working on them:

What remains is about a dozen patches:

These all need additional review besides myself.  To be doubly certain
I'd like them to have at least two Reviewed-By's by Friday (tomorrow)
before further consideration for landing.

Friday I'll wrap up the second release candidate.  From then until the
release my plan is to only land critical bug fixes.  If you feel one of
the above patches qualifies as 'critical' or otherwise really deserves
inclusion in 1.7, contact me off list and we'll ensure it gets


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