[ANNOUNCE] libinput 0.10.0

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Feb 5 16:53:43 PST 2015

A new release of libinput, 0.10, is available.

This release is ABI-compatible with libinput 0.9, nothing was added.

Two bugfixes comprise the majority of this release:
* A call to libinput_device_config_accel_set_speed() with a value of NAN
  triggered an assert() in libinput. Thanks to Olivier for hunting this
* Pointer devices with absolute axes (such as the ones used in VMs)
  had an uninitialized pointer acceleration speed, triggering a warning in
  the xorg libinput driver.

The full commit shortlog is below.

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      Fix an abort if the device speed is NaN

Peter Hutterer (13):
      Add missing doxygen ingroup tag for libinput_device_get_udev_device
      test: add per-device udev rule support
      cosmetic: remove double empty-line
      filter: zalloc the struct to make sure the speed is initialized
      evdev: set the default speed after initializing ptraccel
      test: add pointer acceleration defaults test
      Don't init pointer acceleration on absolute devices
      zalloc the libinput_source, don't malloc it
      test: switch event conversion tests to use litest devices
      path: make sure udev devices are initialized before usage
      touchpad: mark two switch fallthroughs with comments
      cosmetic: fix grammar in doxygen
      configure.ac: libinput 0.10.0

git tag: 0.10.0

MD5:  05f7d54380ff033d421944d906dc1ecb  libinput-0.10.0.tar.xz
SHA1: ab050478e27e4b1b0b304635735dafeadd73ef3a  libinput-0.10.0.tar.xz
SHA256: 4ce001f80ff1a6bf547784d02125648bf8abe60db7d3d5e0020294d5215c1441  libinput-0.10.0.tar.xz
PGP:  http://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-0.10.0.tar.xz.sig

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