[PATCH] Fallback to older detection code if pkg-config can't find expat

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 12:17:01 PST 2015

Well actually I posted a patch to fix the web page of how to build on 
Ubuntu 12.04 to include downloading and building expat, so it works with 
the current makefile. I got the feeling that was considered a better 
solution and I withdrew this patch. People compiling on Ubuntu12.04 
already have to compile a lot of stuff from source.

It is annoying that expat is not in git, however, and it's README does 
not seem to match the actual way you build it. And it looks like 
supporting pkg-config is a very change. And that other than the 
pkg-config file the old expat works just fine. So perhaps people should 
vote on whether this patch should be used. I have no idea now...

On 02/06/2015 12:04 AM, Pekka Paalanen wrote:

> Bryce,
> I don't know if Bill already sent a new patch, but I think this issue
> should be dealt with before the 1.7.0 release. If nothing better, just
> revert the original patch that removed the "awkward" expat test.
> I think we need to keep the non-pkg-config test or fallback working
> until we start requiring an expat version that provides the .pc file
> upstream.
> Thanks,
> pq

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