weston rdp crash on arm

Raphael Cotty R.Cotty at cascade-technologies.com
Thu Feb 19 02:39:20 PST 2015

I found the reason of the crash: FreeRDP
I upgraded to the latest master version (3f371b22ad67033c366e41f459747796a95633b8) and it works.

I also tried branch stable-1.1  but I had this compilation issue:
Top CMakeLists.txt includes CMakeDetermineSystem which doesn't work in a cross-dev environement (corrected in master branch)
Then I also had a runtime issue:
certificate_process_server_public_signature: invalid signature length (got 264, expected 64)
I had this issue using remmina 1.0.0

After that I gave up investigating branch stable-1.1

Thanks for your help.
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Hi Raphael,

You are using a rather old version of Weston (1.7.0 was just released). Considered upgrading the software ?

Anyways, I remember pretty well that when 1.5.0 was around, latest FreeRDP master did not work.
Here is the git commit that we were using in Tizen back then :


I hope it helps.

2015-02-16 17:55 GMT+01:00 Raphael Cotty <R.Cotty at cascade-technologies.com<mailto:R.Cotty at cascade-technologies.com>>:
I am trying to run the rdp backend on a proprietary board (arm / zynq).
I am using yocto build system, wayland 1.5.0, freerdp (latest master).

weston crashes just after the connection (using remmina from a Ubuntu PC).

[20:08:40.921] weston 1.5.0
               Bug reports to: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Wayland&component=weston&version=1.5.0
               Build: 1.4.93 configure.ac<http://configure.ac>: Bump version 1.4.93 (2014-05-12 12:51:52 -0700)
[20:08:40.922] OS: Linux, 3.6.0-xilinx-00014-gc78d9cf, #56 SMP PREEMPT Fri Mar 28 18:09:55 GMT 2014, armv7l
[20:08:40.923] Starting with no config file.
[20:08:40.923] Loading module '/usr/lib/weston/rdp-backend.so'
[20:08:40.957] using FreeRDP version 1.2.1
[20:08:40:141] [2444:-1224888320] [INFO][com.freerdp.core.listener] - Listening on<>
[20:08:40:143] [2444:-1224888320] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core.listener] - socket
[20:08:40.964] Loading module '/usr/lib/weston/desktop-shell.so'
[20:08:40.965] Compositor capabilities:
               arbitrary surface rotation: yes
               screen capture uses y-flip: yes
[20:08:40.981] launching '/usr/lib/weston/weston-desktop-shell'
[154264.319]  -> wl_display at 1.get_registry(new id wl_registry at 2)
[154264.868] wl_display at 1.get_registry(new id wl_registry at 2)
[154458.246] wl_display at 1.delete_id(16)
[154458.492] wl_display at 1.delete_id(24)
[154458.624] wl_display at 1.delete_id(20)
[154458.776] wl_display at 1.delete_id(23)
[154458.908] wl_display at 1.delete_id(19)
[154459.040] wl_surface at 13.enter(wl_output at 11)
[154459.286] wl_surface at 14.enter(wl_output at 11)
[154459.418] wl_callback at 23.done(2396746158<tel:%282396746158>)
[154459.607] wl_callback at 19.done(2396746158<tel:%282396746158>)
[20:08:47.702] caught signal: 11
[160979.659]  -> wl_surface at 15.destroy()
[160979.791]  -> wl_surface at 14.destroy()
[160979.848]  -> wl_buffer at 22.destroy()
Trace/breakpoint trap
root at cascade-zynq7:~# [160982.305]  -> wl_shm_pool at 21.destroy()
[160982.494]  -> wl_surface at 13.destroy()
[160982.588]  -> wl_buffer at 18.destroy()
[160982.872]  -> wl_shm_pool at 17.destroy()
[160983.061]  -> wl_shm_pool at 10.destroy()
[160983.250]  -> wl_subcompositor at 4.destroy()

Is there a way to enable the freerdp logs?

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