[PATCH libinput 02/11] touchpad: only enable thumb detection on clickpads

Dominic Jänichen d.newsgroups at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 04:37:50 PDT 2015

Dominic Jänichen <d.newsgroups at ...> writes:

> Hello Peter,
> did you think about Thinkpads? For me, having physical buttons above
> the touchpad is the reason to have the thumb on it... That is, while using
> the trackpoint.
> (This particular touchpad also is a clickpad, but there is (older) models
> with non-clickpad touchpads...)
> This also goes for patch number 7; it is the right (me being right handed)
> side of the touchpad that gets the thumb, not only the lower part. (And the
> left side for left handed people)
> Dominic

So, turns out I should be in for a basic course on anatomy... I thought
about "palm" when you wrote "thumb".
Sorry for the noise.


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