Wayland not MIT-licensed / FAQ wrong

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 00:16:32 PDT 2015

On Mon, 1 Jun 2015 12:25:37 +1000
Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer at who-t.net> wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 01, 2015 at 02:09:43AM +0200, Markus Slopianka wrote:
> > On Monday 01 June 2015 09:26:56 Peter Hutterer wrote:
> > 
> > > but given that this is a significant rewording of the license text (even if
> > > the functionality stays the same) we're basically down to: is this a license
> > > change? and I'll have to shrug as well here and defer to the lawyers.
> > 
> > I could ask a FSFE lawyer friend of mine.
> that's d be great, thanks.

(re-adding CCs)

Hi Markus, Kristian,

since I'm not completely alone with my worries here, I too would like to
hear what your friend has to say before we do any changes. I do not
have any such connections myself.

I'm still not really sure which license we would like to pick if we can
change it without stomping on any contributor's rights. Maybe the
following would be of guidance?

Kristian, isn't the xserver COPYING file's first license (called MIT
and preferred) the one you wanted to use?


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