[ANNOUNCE] libinput 0.16.0

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Jun 1 15:43:38 PDT 2015

A new release of libinput, 0.16.0, is now available. 

No API changes or additions and much of the work has gone into the

There are still a couple of new features:
Touchpads with ABS_MT_DISTANCE such as the Chromebook Pixel are now

The tapping code now allows ending a tap-and-drag with an extra tap, i.e.
the sequence becomes:
  tap, finger down, move .... move, finger up, tap
As soon as the final tap is detected, libinput sends the button release
event and ends the drag. This provides a more responsive interaction than
waiting for the timeout.

Also in the touchpad code: disable-while-typing has been added. While it is
currently switched on for all touchpads, we expect some fine-tuning over
time to detect erroneous touches better and through other means than a
simple timeout.

As usual, the git shortlog is below.

Benjamin Tissoires (3):
      test: bcm5974: down should be marked as static
      test: rename hover tests into semi_mt_hover
      touchpad: add support for per-finger hovering information

Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) (1):

Jon A. Cruz (3):
      Add missing config.h includes
      Add xasprintf to avoid use of undefined pointer values
      test: address gcc warnings on potentially uninitialized variables.

Peter Hutterer (87):
      test: move a comment to where it belongs
      test: return the right value from open_restricted
      doc: add a page about the test suite
      filter: add Simon's copyright
      test: litest_is_button_event should take an unsigned int
      test: re-order the tests to have the likely ones to fail first
      test: add litest_is_axis_event() helper
      test: add litest_is_motion_event() helper
      test: add litest_is_touch_event() helper function
      test: add litest_is_keyboard_event() helper function
      test: use litest_is_button_event() helper
      tools: add middle button emulation to listed capabilities
      test: add litest_add_ranged* functionality
      test: switch the abs ranged tests over to real ranged tests
      test: switch the touchpad multitap tests over to ranged tests
      timer: fix coverity warning about unused return value
      touchpad: switch from is_palm to an enum
      touchpad: add timeout-based disable-while-typing
      touchpad: use a two-stage timeout for disable-while-typing
      doc: add some documentation for disable-while-typing
      test: type-safe two ck_assert invocations
      test: don't use enum values in ck_assert macros directly
      test: cast to int before integer comparison
      test: add a backtrace facility to litest
      test: add pointer comparison macros
      test: extract file:line from backtrace with addr2line
      test: convert all helper functions to use the litest macros
      test: drop unneeded includes
      path: be more lenient waiting for udev to settle things
      test: parse the LITEST_VERBOSE environment variable
      test: add a note to one of the device tests
      Allow disabling tapping on a device without tapping
      Allow disabling of middle button emulation where it doesn't exist
      doc: clarify a comment what a "no device" test case means
      test: move opening { to next line
      test: add missing linebreak in debug error message
      evdev: log a bug if releasing a key fails, but don't loop forever
      touchpad: rename all interface functions for clarity
      evdev: move release_pressed_keys() up
      evdev: add an interface hook to suspend a device
      evdev: sync the initial x/y position for touchscreens
      evdev: sync the initial state for absolute pointer devices
      touchpad: sync the initial touch state
      test: move main() into litest
      test: move argument parsing into a separate function
      test: add filtering to litest framework
      test: add --filter-device argument
      test: add --filter-group argument to match test groups (suites)
      doc: drop leftovers of Check's selective test running
      test: add missing filter for function names
      test: fail if the filter leaves us with zero tests
      test: fix --list for the tests
      Add .vimdir for libinput-specific settings
      Add a few more exclusions to .gitignore
      test: move litest_log/vlog up outside of HAVE_LIBUNWIND
      test: pclose the popened stream
      test: fail if fgets() from addr2line returns NULL
      test: fix coverity complaint about unbounded loop
      Add streq() helper to use instead of strcmp() == 0
      evdev: rename evdev_compare_syspath for clarity
      test: add an extra loop for slow udev initialization
      touchpad: move disable-while-typing into its own struct
      touchpad: extend the key blacklist for disable-while-typing
      touchpad: add helper function to get from tp to the libinput context
      touchpad: only check keyboards for disable-while-typing
      touchpad: be finer-grained about when to pair touchpads/keyboard for DWT
      test: add disable-while-typing tests
      touchpad: split disable-while-typing handling into a helper function
      touchpad: add palm state debugging
      touchpad: reset the touch state when edge scrolling is stopped
      touchpad: don't enable edge palm detection on Wacom touchpads
      touchpad: touches after the last key press can be released
      touchpad: add missing break statement
      Update Red Hat's copyright
      doc: add a blurb about scroll sources to the scrolling docs
      doc: add illustrations for clickfinger and software button behavior
      doc: improve the T440 documentation a bit
      README: spice up the readme a bit
      test: don't abort if the device filter filtered all devices
      tools: print symbolic key names too from event-debug
      touchpad: check touchpad for basic features we expect
      test: add another wait loop for udev
      evdev: use the udev ID_INPUT_POINTINGSTICK property
      COPYING: note that having linux/input.h in the tree does not make libinput GPL
      README: add two diagrams to outline the stack
      doc: add a FAQ page
      configure.ac: libinput 0.16.0

Velimir Lisec (2):
      touchpad: end tap-and-drag with an extra tap
      test: add test cases for ending drag with a tap

git tag: 0.16.0

MD5:  a5f5e1bb8eb2cd3bb9f5bd48f296def8  libinput-0.16.0.tar.xz
SHA1: 4b53842fbc38a41eddbf0246706cc4af90806cf3  libinput-0.16.0.tar.xz
SHA256: 4fde1b50431d8bd17b9c0a9624a57fd69eaebabe32ef684a83b9862a239d239b  libinput-0.16.0.tar.xz
PGP:  http://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-0.16.0.tar.xz.sig

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