Wayland not MIT-licensed / FAQ wrong

Markus Slopianka kamikazow at gmx.de
Thu Jun 4 13:17:44 PDT 2015

Good news: I asked by FSFE lawyer buddy. He said that since basically all 
simply assumed that it's the MIT license, the wrongly pasted license header 
would constitute a wrongly attached label and be "Falsa demonstratio non 
nocet" (that legal term has a German and a Finnish Wikipedia article), 
therefore changing it should be no problem (especially since the two licenses 
are very similar anyway).

In case you're wondering who I spoke to: Michael Stehmann 
<http://www.rechtsanwalt-stehmann.de/>, also known by his nick Mikeadvo, local 
FSFE "guru", married to a Debian contributor, personal friend of Werner Koch 
(you know: the GnuPG guy), etc.
I think his "judgment" should carry enough weight.


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