[PATCH wayland 0/2] remove doxygen default config

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Jun 4 22:30:21 PDT 2015

Sparked by Jon's patchset, this tidies up the doxygen bits a little bit.
Turns out doxygen will simply take the last option, so rather than hiding
the few manual configurations in the massive file we can accumulate them in
one spot at the end of the file. Which makes it a lot clearer what we want
to have set.

The second patch simply removes the default configs, relying on doxygen to
know what the default is. In theory this could trip us up if future doxygen
versions change defaults significantly, in practice I doubt we'll care (and
if we do we can just set that option manually).

Feel free to squash the two together if the end result is what we want.


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