[ANNOUNCE] libinput 0.13.0

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Mar 23 23:24:59 PDT 2015

A new release of libinput, 0.13.0, is now available. No API changes were
merged in this release, the ABI is compatible with 0.12.0.

The tap motion threshold is now a fixed distance on all touchpads (with
physical resolution). This stops the delay in pointer motion seen on some
The edge scrolling motion threshold now accumulates, so even a slow scroll
will eventually trigger edge scrolling.
The velocity calculation on slow movements was fixed, this should provide
a slightly more responsive and accurate touchpad motion, especially on
direction changes.

To ease development, libinput will now print warnings when a caller does
wrong event conversions (e.g. requesting a touch event when the event is a
pointer event, etc.).

Hans de Goede (4):
      touchpad: Remove unnecessary edge scroll threshold variable
      litest: Make touchpad_2fg_scroll_slow_distance take resolution into account
      litest: Add a litest_touch_move_two_touches helper function
      litest: Put fingers down closer together for 2fg scroll tests

Peter Hutterer (45):
      test: fix/disable two tap test for semi-mt devices
      touchpad: return normalized deltas from tp_get_delta
      Move DEFAULT_MOUSE_DPI to evdev.h, provide a conversion macro
      touchpad: change tap motion threshold to 3 mm
      touchpad: annotate all coordinates that are in device coordinates
      touchpad: accumulate the initial scroll edge delta
      Calling has_axis on a non-axis pointer event is a bug, note this
      Correct documentation on get_slot and get_seat_slot()
      Expand documentation on touch events, listing what is permitted when
      test: abort() for invalid logging priorities
      Replace event type check switch statements with a helper macro/function
      Add event type checking to the various libinput_event_ functions
      cosmetic: rename touch to t for consistency
      evdev: add helper function to normalize delta coordinates
      evdev: start introducing some type-safety for device/normalized coordinates
      touchpad: change motion history to typesafe coords
      touchpad: switch touch point, hysteresis, initial coords to typesafe coords
      touchpad: switch delta handling to typesafe coordinates
      Use typesafe coordinates for scrolling events
      Use typesafe coords in motion events
      Use typesafe coordinates in touch events
      Split deltas/absolute coords in pointer events to separate fields
      Add another data type for discrete coordinates
      Store unaccelerated delta as normalized_coords
      touchpad: add missing break in default: switch case
      touchpad: simplify resolution check
      touchpad: check for the fake_resolution boolean instead of a res value
      evdev: fix android MT devices
      evdev: add evdev_reject_device to reject a couple of oddball devices
      evdev: don't try to fix abs devices without x/y
      Push the touchpad magic slowdown to the touchpad accel code
      evdev: refactor fake resolution setting
      touchpad: parse the TOUCHPAD_RESOLUTION property
      evdev: factor out setting up the MT slots/mtdev
      touchpad: force a resolution onto the apple touchpads
      tools: print available click methods on device notify
      Revert "touchpad: force a resolution onto the apple touchpads"
      filter: switch to normalized_coords
      Switch vector_get_direction to use doubles
      filter: calculate the time delta correctly
      test: add accel test for direction change
      tools: don't use deprecated gdk_cursor_new()
      Revert "touchpad: parse the TOUCHPAD_RESOLUTION property"
      evdev: reject devices with a min == max axis range
      configure.ac: libinput 0.13.0

git tag: 0.13.0

MD5:  bb58f489b9ce99f6b89bf087b67d4a69  libinput-0.13.0.tar.xz
SHA1: e09c51bbce1e810be69c79b633dee83bb1d5d8e5  libinput-0.13.0.tar.xz
SHA256: 6cecaf7fde525f1d81474cbd495ce526d5e34c845d3e9d6f3e2565b7048cc61a  libinput-0.13.0.tar.xz
PGP:  http://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-0.13.0.tar.xz.sig

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