Landing priorities for 1.8

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Wed May 13 14:53:58 PDT 2015

In patchwork, ideally I'd like to see all the patchsets marked 'Under
Review' dealt with, since those are all ones we postponed for 1.7.  I
see there's been good progress at processing most of those, and there's
really just Guulio's libweston patchset and Derek's zoom series that are

As to libweston, I imagine it at least needs rebased, and for that
reason maybe not a candidate for 1.8 inclusion at this point.  But since
it sounds like we're now generally in consensus that this is a direction
weston should go, it would probably be worthwhile to identify the next
steps and a plan for getting it landed as soon as the 1.9 tree opens.

I'm not sure what the status is with Derek's zoom series but looks like
it only got some cursory review back in January.  The code looks
straightforward enough, and the patches are all pretty short and
concise; is there anything of concern conceptually regarding the
functionality itself?  Essentially it's just fixing a crash condition.
Mightn't we just land it?

Beyond that, there's a number of one-off patches, many of which are
legitimate bug fixes that would be nice to have in the release.
Particularly all the input fixups.

I don't know that I'll have tons of time to do in depth reviews myself
next week, but I will try and land things that get R-B's by others.  And
I know reviewing can be kind of a thankless job... I'll try and focus my
review time to stuff from people who are themselves doing review work.


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