[PATCH weston 00/13] Add tablet support

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Nov 5 20:31:08 PST 2015

This set adds support for graphics tablets to weston. It's not fully
complete, there are a couple of fixmes in it but the patchset is getting a
bit unwieldly. And there are some discussions on how to do things anyway.

Note: This needs the tablet-support branch from libinput to work. And it is
on top of Jonas's wip/wayland-protocols github branch (ff0452cea150c).

Tablet events are sent serially, terminated by a frame event. A toolkit
should accumulate them and then pass them on as one struct to the client. We
don't do that atm, it may be beyond libtoytoolkit's scope to really
integrate this properly.

The tablet has a separate cursor. That's a conscious decision since the
focus handling on tablets closer to an absolute touch screen than a mouse,
but unlike touch you usually want a cursor shape to indicate the precise

The rest is fairly straightforward, though as said above, some details are
missing. Implementing this also showed that libinput needs a few extra
things added to it.


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