[ANNOUNCE] weston 1.8.92

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Wed Sep 2 13:54:23 PDT 2015

Here is the beta for the upcoming 1.9 release.  Since the alpha, this
provides a varity of bug fixes to IVI and to the recent DRM compositor
work.  The alpha release was also bugged on ARM due to mis-detection
of the intel-dmabuf dependency; this is now fixed.

This release of Weston updates the license text, just as is done for
Wayland 1.9.  MIT has released software under several slightly different
licenses, including the old 'X11 License' or 'MIT License'.  X.org used
the X11 License originally but now prefers the MIT Expat License as the
standard.  Wayland has been using the MIT X11 license, but Wayland's
licensing intent is to be compatible with X.org, so this release
switches to the Expat-style licensing.  In practical terms, the most
notable change is the dropping of the no-advertising clause.

Some of the preliminary infrastructure is now in place for libweston,
which repackages Weston's internals into a library interface.  This will
provide much of the basic core functionality needed to create simple
compositors, such as needed by lightweight desktop environments.  The
support provided in this release is quite minimal, more for review and
experimentation, and is not yet in a usable form.  We also intend to
keep the API experimental and subject to change for some time to come.

Input device hotplug is better polished, so it misbehaves less
frequently when adding and removing keyboards and mice.  This in
particular benefits multi-seat for adding and removing seats.

In the shell, we've switched the middle and right mouse bindings, so
that the more useful window resize functionality is accessed via the
right button, and the less useful rotate-windows functionality is on the

Weston's unit/integration test framework is reimplemented in this
release.  This new code, 'zuctest', is heavily inspired by Google Test,
Boost Test, etc. but is implemented in C and under the MIT Expat license
for better compatibility with Weston.

The DRM compositor is now able to handle triple-head graphics cards, and
other hardware with more than two output CRTCs per card.  Various
mode-setting improvements and fixes are also included.

ivi-shell adds an interface to get the screen ID, and methods to remove
callbacks for certain notifications.

The weston-screensaver client is removed, in favor of just using simpler
DPMS.  The lessons that this example taught are now out of date, and
dropping it allows us to drop dependency on GLU, and reduces our
dependence on cairo-gl (now only gears depends on cairo-gl).  Some
screensaver support stubs still exist in desktop-shell, so external
projects can still have screensavers if they wish.

A new linux_dmabuf extension.  This enables a zero-copy pipeline from
video source to display.  It's hoped this will be a powerful and
flexible solution for a variety of accelerated video handling such as
media appliances and smart TVs, but there are still many open questions
about how to best tie everything together.  This Weston release
implements this protocol as an experimental extension enabling creation
of dmabuf-based wl_buffers in a generic manner.

Changes since Alpha:
    Bryce Harrington (1):
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.8.92 for the beta release

    Dawid Gajownik (2):
      compositor-drm: cast surface to EGLNativeWindowType
      gl-renderer: gl_renderer_create display cleanup on error

    Derek Foreman (1):
      build: Require newer version of libdrm

    Jonas Ã…dahl (1):
      clients: Drop deadlock circumvention hack now that we don't need it

    Nobuhiko Tanibata (3):
      ivi-layout: implement surface clipping
      hmi-controller: fix the laucher layer width
      hmi-controller: fix wrong width and height are set to a layer of workspace.

    Pekka Paalanen (4):
      configure: fix enable_simple_intel_dmabuf_client=auto
      compositor-fbdev: fix VT switching crash
      compositor-drm: rename outputs to follow kernel style
      build, compositor-drm: fix output name constants another way

    Ucan, Emre (ADITG/SW1) (4):
      ivi-shell: bugfix, list of surfaces on a layer are cumulated when set render order is called several time in one commitchanges.
      ivi-shell: clear order.surface_list before reordering it
      ivi-shell: clear order.layer_list before reordering it
      ivi-shell: remove redundant wl_list_empty/init calls

git tag: 1.8.92

MD5:  9eaff47c3dad48f2ad3a811eb869823c  weston-1.8.92.tar.xz
SHA1: 560c8841c47dff45cd73bc992e520766c0dc96bc  weston-1.8.92.tar.xz
SHA256: 32c323281faf5c79e0259a00c40317b145ce232719959fffbcad25c910711532  weston-1.8.92.tar.xz
PGP:  http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-1.8.92.tar.xz.sig

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