Error when using weston wl_surface_attach

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Fri Sep 11 02:46:34 PDT 2015

On Fri, 11 Sep 2015 14:54:47 +0530
madana gopal <madanagopal123 at> wrote:

> Hi Team,
> I am working on wayland application. Basically, qt has separate qt wayland
> environment , due to which i am able to see qt window.
> In the same process, one more display conneciton is established using
> wl_display_connect call from ozone wayland. This is being used to output
> the webpage rendered output on the screen. But it giving the below error:
> [15:37:21.716] libwayland: unknown object (19), message attach(?oii)
> wl_display at 1: error 1: invalid arguments for wl_surface at 3.attach
> [0904/] wl_display_dispatch failed
> with an error.22
> What i see is the buffer objects registered with the qt wayland connection
> is being mapped to ozone wayland connection, due to which i am seeing the
> error. I am able to see the mapping from weston code in call wl_map_insert.
> But i am unable to find how this clash happened. Could anybody help me on
> this.


this is by design and totally intentional.

All protocol objects are private to a connection. Therefore you cannot
have a protocol object created in one connection, and then reference it
in another connection. Separate connections are completely isolated.

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