State of Wayland

Olivier Fourdan ofourdan at
Thu Sep 17 07:27:13 PDT 2015

Hi Bryce,

cc'ing xorg-devel as well, see below, I would like to help with xwayland.

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> I've assembled a blog post with a run-down of our current status on
> Wayland - bugs needing attention, features in the works, etc.
> Thanks go to Pekka for helping gather all the data.

which reads:

> Speaking of Xwayland, we need a new person to help push Xwayland
> forward. This job involves feeding Keith Packard pull requests for
> collected patches. For example, there is touchscreen support not yet
> merged but that’s ready for landing. If this is something you might
> be interested in getting involved with, or if you have any interest
> at all in keeping up with Wayland development, you can join the
> wayland-devel mailing list, or join us in #Wayland on freenode.

Sorry, I didn't realize xwayland was lagging behind.

I would like to help with this, if you agree.

I have already started looking for pending patches in patchwork for the past 6 months or so - Some patches are missing reviews, others haven't reached consensus, so I'll see what needs clarification first, try to revive discussion and prepare a tree for a pull request.


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