[PATCH weston v2] xwm: use always a valid 'primary view' for an X window

Benoit Gschwind gschwind at gnu-log.net
Tue Sep 22 04:21:24 PDT 2015

Giulio Camuffo <giuliocamuffo at ...> writes:

> The xwm gets a primary view for a X window using the get_primary_view
> vfunc of the shell_interface struct. Storing it is dangerous though because
> it doesn't listen for its destruction so it may end up using the old stored
> view pointer after that view was freed, or after the primary view for that
> window was changed to another one.
> Fetch the primary view just before using it every time and try to not
> abuse this 'primary view' concept which may map badly to some shells:
> iterate over all the views instead when it makes sense.


I applied the patch on to of current master. The code working for me and
look good.

It's do what it's explained.

Best regards.

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