[weston] weston-terminal: Add a few nice features

ahmet acar oavc-fujie at yandex.com
Wed Sep 23 04:10:25 PDT 2015

>I'm going to apologize upfront, since what lies below is a pretty
>intense review

First; thank you for your intense review.i am happy with it.

> I hope you'll fix up your patch and resubmit


>Sounds useful! I would suggestion though to make your commit >message more descriptive oriented, e.g. like:

> Subject: [PATCH weston] weston-terminal: Add cwd and >command options

i will do.

>I'm not following how that commit relates to this patch?
>Unless I'm missing something, I think you can omit mention of >this in your changelog entry.

No relations. i just gave a hint to 'repo-maintainer' for easing git stuff.Even i don't know such hints needed.i just see these on KML:) i will omit it.  

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