[PATCH] libinput device capability modification regarding combo input devices

박성진 sj76.park at samsung.com
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Dear Andreas Pokorny, thanks for your reply. J


As you mentioned, we also need to distinguish between a full keyboard and a device which has a set of few keys.

Each key coming from the full keyboard will be sent to the focus surface(window).

However, a key coming from the device which has a few keys sometimes needs to be sent to the other surface(window) other than the focused surface(window).


Dear Peter Hutterer, any ideas on this patch ? J


Thanks and regards,

Sung-Jin Park


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2015-09-23 4:29 GMT+02:00 박성진 <sj76.park at samsung.com>:

Dear all,

as you guys know, there are some combo input devices which support both keyboard functionality and pointer functionality.

We can also see some of input devices supports both keyboard functionality and touch functionality.


In theory, each input device functionality needs to be provided through each kernel device node.

By the way, there are many combo input devices whose input events is coming from one device node.

Now and in near future, many vendors can make many combo input devices.


For these kinds of input devices, how about adding new enums for combo devices?

Otherewise, how about defining enums with masks ?

For that reason we do use masks inside mir to describe input devices. We do use a few additional masks to also indicate whether the device, i.e. it might be interesting to know whether the device is a full keyboard or just offers a few buttons.. So yes I aggree with that. Right now we do the evdev based device detection in parallel to what udevd and libinput do.. 


Andreas Pokorny


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