[PATCH][weston] ivi-shell: initialize all fields in create_layout_transition

John-John Tedro udoprog at spotify.com
Wed Sep 23 14:05:31 PDT 2015

On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 06:18:44PM -0700, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> ivi_layout_transition_fade_layer() checks for null before making the
> call, but this also needs done in create_visibility_transition(),
> ivi_layout_transition_move_resize_view(), and
> ivi_layout_transition_move_layer().  Or alternatively,
> layout_transition_register() could check its input for null and return
> false.  Either way, all callers of layout_transition_register() should
> also be checking its return value and doing whatever should be done in
> response.
> Anyone want to send in some follow up's here?

I'm currently investigating.

I see two easy solutions, so please advice since I'm unfamiliar with
the requirements on IVI-based solutions.

1) Bail, easy and safe, but might not be desirable.

2) Immediately transition into the desired state on errors.
   Slightly harder, but doable.

Examples for 2):
ivi_layout_transition_move_layer would update the size and position of
the target surface.
ivi_layout_transition_visibility_on/off would immediately set the
surface to the requested visibility.

What do you think?

John-John Tedro
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