[PATCH weston, v3] weston-terminal: Add cwd and command options

Derek Foreman derekf at osg.samsung.com
Fri Sep 25 07:48:32 PDT 2015

On 25/09/15 07:24 AM, ahmet acar wrote:
> Hi Derek. Thanks for review.
>> Really silly nit-pick, but I think most terminals (gnome-terminal,
>> xterm, terminology anyway) call this -e
>> So I guess it would be nice to be consistent.
> NO. I tested it that '-e'  switch didn't work.
> it  works with script files(*.sh) as its argument
> but can't execute binary executables.it complains about binary files. 

Oh, I didn't mean call the shell with -e.

I meant that xterm, gnome-terminal, and terminology all have a -e option
to do this.

if I want to do the same thing with other terminals, I'd do:
xterm -e "nano main.c"
gnome-terminal -e "nano main.c"
terminology -e "nano main.c"

I guess maybe the closest we can get right now is
weston-terminal -e"nano main.c"  because our option parser is garbage.

But I think that's at least a little closer to what someone might expect...

And if at some point in the future we make the option parser a little
less idiosyncratic, we'll be just like everyone else.

>> Should be using tabs instead of spaces in front of that if statement. 
>> And in front of that }
>> Funny formatting here too.
> I am sory. These are not intentional; just frustrating corruptions.
> Because of i am inexperienced and sends email manually as
> copy patch from editor paste to browser etc.
> i will resend it via git send-mail

Once it's all set up, git send-email is really quite easy to use. :)

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