Weston 1.8.0: touch input using evdev not working

Vikas Patil vikasmpatil at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 23:22:34 PDT 2015

Dear Members,

I am trying Weston 1.8.0 on i.MX6 with Freescale linux 3.14.28 and seems
that touch input is not working for me. Weston.log show the following
messages. I am not using llibinput backend yet.

Could anyone give some inputs/suggestion to fix this? Is this due to
following ckeck-in?


*[00:00:50.248] input device 'mxt540e_i2c', /dev/input/event0 not tagged as

*[00:00:50.248] failed to create input device '/dev/input/event0'.*

*[00:00:50.249] warning: no input devices on entering Weston. Possible

*        - no permissions to read /dev/input/event**

*        - seats misconfigured (Weston backend option 'seat', udev device

I can see “/dev/input/event0” already there and all the touch drivers and
dependencies (i.e. mxt540e.ko, input_polldev.ko, evdev.ko) are loaded.

*root at linux:~# udevadm info /dev/input/event0*

*P: /devices/virtual/input/input0/event0*

*N: input/event0*

*E: DEVNAME=/dev/input/event0*

*E: DEVPATH=/devices/virtual/input/input0/event0*

*E: MAJOR=13*

*E: MINOR=64*

*E: SUBSYSTEM=input*

Thanks & Regards,

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