Plans for Weston surface remoting for IVI

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at
Thu Apr 7 10:13:35 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I have written a rough design on how to implement per-surface remoting
on Weston, primarily over network:

Before you get carried away, I must note that this will not work on
desktops without considerable work. The design is written for ivi-shell
which has a trivial Wayland protocol extension. The design could
support desktops too, in theory, but you will need to think how to get
all the desktop shell protocol features implemented, and you probably
want something friendly to control the remoting, too.

What this design does do, is give a plan how to remote the essentials
of the core Wayland protocol. This includes creating wl_surfaces and
wl_buffers, transmitting pixel data, feedback in the form of frame
callbacks, and also relaying input events, and how to expose remote
output and input to Wayland applications.

The document is not a rigorous technical description, but a high-level
plan on what we will likely be working on in the following months. You
have already seen a few patches or RFCs originating from this work.

Serious feedback is warmly welcome, but please keep in mind that this
work is not aiming for the desktop as is.

I would love to hear if you have plans for or have implemented something
around the idea of remoting individual Wayland surfaces.

Collabora is working on this by the request of ADIT. ADIT is joint
venture company of DENSO Corporation and Bosch GmbH.

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