legacy X server isolation

pixelfairy pixelfairy at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 07:38:15 UTC 2016

ive only looked at some docs and demos of wayland and tried it on a laptop
with fedora 24 briefly. in a wayland session, xinput could read the
keyboard of other x11 apps.

Since wayland can have a fallback x server, why not start each x11 app with
its own x server so they'll have automatic isolation, even from each other?
(other x11 apps) waylands own mechanisms (clipboard etc) could then be
translated, so, for example, keepassx, which would not be able to autotype
in a setup like this, could safely (i hope) use the clipboard to enter
passwords without other x11 apps reading them.

some mechanism would have to be used to really protect each x servers
socket, but this is already solved in os x by sandboxing and a million
different ways in linux.
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