[PATCH wayland 0/8] protocol: documentation improvements

Yong Bakos junk at humanoriented.com
Thu Aug 11 21:32:57 UTC 2016

From: Yong Bakos <ybakos at humanoriented.com>

This series "fills in the blanks" of all missing summary attributes in
wayland.xml, and massages some inconsistencies I found along the way.

Patch 1/8 is the meatiest, and incorporates Pekka's feedback from the RFC[1].

Patches 2 - 8 Apply changes for consistency, and some minor clarifications I
chose to add based on #wayland conversations.

[1] https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/patch/90745/

Yong Bakos (8):
  protocol: Add summary attributes to request params and enum entries
  protocol: Hyphenate subsurface
  protocol: Capitalize ID for consistency
  protocol: Add missing line break
  protocol: Correct description indentation
  protocol: Remove wl_ prefix from summary descriptions
  protocol: Describe serial as serial number
  protocol: Specify upper left corner of damage rectangle

 protocol/wayland.xml | 388 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------
 1 file changed, 201 insertions(+), 187 deletions(-)


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