[PATCH weston 0/6] Switch client to xdg_shell unstable v6

Jonas Ådahl jadahl at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 03:40:00 UTC 2016


With a xdg_shell unstable v6 release around the corner, and a libweston-desktop
about to land with a xdg_shell unstable v6 implementation available, I think
now is a good time to switch weston to use the new version, moving us one step
closer to a stable desktop shell protocol.

Assuming these patches can be reviewed in time, I'd will land these prior to
the alpha scheduled to be released on Tuesday. If anyone have any objections,
please raise them now.

The porting itself is pretty straight forward. Apart from renaming things and
creating both a zxdg_surface_v6 and a zxdg_toplevel_v6 for every toplevel
surface, there is also the 'perfect first frame' semantics adaptation meaning
clients need to wait for the first zxdg_surface_v6.configure event before
attaching its first buffer.


Jonas Ådahl (6):
  toytoolkit: Port to xdg_shell unstable v6
  clients/simple-egl: Port to xdg_shell unstable v6
  clients/simple-shm: Port to xdg_shell unstable v6
  clients/simple-damage: Port to xdg_shell unstable v6
  clients/simple-dmabuf-intel: Port to xdg_shell unstable v6
  clients/simple-dmabuf-v4l: Port to xdg_shell unstable v6

 Makefile.am                   |  32 ++---
 clients/simple-damage.c       |  92 ++++++++++-----
 clients/simple-dmabuf-intel.c |  94 ++++++++++-----
 clients/simple-dmabuf-v4l.c   |  96 ++++++++++-----
 clients/simple-egl.c          | 106 ++++++++++-------
 clients/simple-shm.c          |  93 +++++++++------
 clients/window.c              | 268 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 7 files changed, 504 insertions(+), 277 deletions(-)


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