[PATCH 1/3 v3] wayland-server: Add API to control globals visibility

Olivier Fourdan ofourdan at redhat.com
Tue Aug 16 07:45:22 UTC 2016

Hi Yong

> I thought you'd say that. :)
> Ok, I get it - I did think of those things as well although coming to
> a different conclusion. However, just consider this...
> > [...]
> I agree with your reasons above, but this is a setter associated with
> a struct member, and the struct member is called global_filter. As such,
> it seems congruent to call the setter set_global_filter.
> (Or maybe rename the struct member to filter_global? Perhaps that would
> bring the naming inline with the reasons that you stated above, plus
> it matches the setter name.)

Considering that I am not a native English speaker myself, I shall abide by your initial comments and use "global_filter" instead (and the other changes you suggested as well), it's not big deal really, as long as we remain consistent and can land those patches eventually :-)

While at it, I'll include the changes suggested by Jonas as well, ie test the bind on a filtered global.


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