[RFC wayland-web] docs, web site, logo

Yong Bakos junk at humanoriented.com
Fri Aug 19 19:08:35 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,
This may feel a bit trivial but I would like to get a sense of how some
improvements to the documentation, web site, and logo (!) might be received.

Would you be strongly opposed to:

1) Migrating the docbook-like documentation into doxygen pages
    Take a look at libinput[1] for an example.

2) Publishing the doxygen docs on the web site

3) A simple, but polished, redesign of the Wayland web site

4) Replacing the W logo with a high quality logo created by a designer

You can raise issues via irc to avoid too much traffic on the list, and
please know that I don't intend to catalyze a bunch of shedding.

Number 4 will cost a bit of money, but I am willing to foot the bill unless
folks are strongly opposed. (That golden W have a special place in your heart?)


[1] https://wayland.freedesktop.org/libinput/doc/latest/index.html

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