(wayland sever/client) multiple binding to a global resources.

nicesj at nicesj.com nicesj at nicesj.com
Thu Feb 4 07:28:14 UTC 2016

Dear all,

I'm still learning of the philosphy of the wayland world.

while seeing and writing some codes, I got a question regarding mutiple binding to a global objects.

The client should register a event callback for global registry.

also the server will announce its global resources.

in this corner, when a client gets global registry event callback, it checks interface string and then tries to bind it to a specific resource such as wl_compositor.

at this time, if our lovely client developer tries to bind one several times, how the server handles this request?

just bind and create them? (ex, wl_compositor_interface, wl_shm_interface, and so on)

or should it be deat as an error case?

I'm newbie, so my question could be a dummy silly ugly question.
please let me know it to not be a dummer ;)

Best regards,
Sung-jae Park.

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