Regarding shm_pool and buffer.

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Thu Feb 4 23:23:53 UTC 2016

Dear all,

I can learn many things from this mailing list, thank you very much.

I have one more doubt about relations between memory pool and buffer.

I read a doc of wayland and it explains a wl_buffer can be created from shm-pool.

but in the example code, after creates the buffer from pool, attach it to the surface, and then the example destroyes shm pool resources from the client side.

so the server will gets destroy request.

the buffer which is attached to surface, however, still in use.

If I understood correctly, the pool should not be destroyed until all wl-buffers are freed.

Am I understood correctly?

or does the server should keep the pool information even though the client destroyes it?

Thank you all.

Best regards,
Sung-jae Park.

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