Pre-fosdem cross desktop wayland meetup notes

Hans de Goede hdegoede at
Mon Feb 8 18:24:40 UTC 2016

Hi All,

Just like last year there was a pre-fosdem cross desktop wayland meetup
on the Friday before fosdem.

Unfortunately this year we did not get as diverse a group
as last time. Here are some short notes in case anyone
is interested what was discussed.

Present were:

Derek Foreman (Samsung, EFL/Enlightenment)
Mike Blumenkrantz (Samsung, EFL/Enlightenment)
Andrew Williams (EFL/Enlightenment)
Olivier Fourdan (Red Hat, graphics team)
Benjamin Tissoires (Red Hat, graphics team)
Hans de Goede (Red Hat, graphics team)

-Menu position stuff, basically:
  Looks good from both EFL and Jonas Adahl's pov
-Menu position will use a new xdg_popup type:
-This patch-set also introduces a xdg_tooltip type:
  We discussed that this is a bad name, and it would probably be better
  to have xdg_popup be more generic and/or have a special version which
  does not need a grab, does have the xdg_popup positioning stuff, but is not
  called tooltip as that is too specific
-Tiling window managers:
  -Need a way to tell windows to not generate drop-shadows
   -Would also be useful for maximized windows
   -DrawModeEnum which communicates to clients how to draw their client
    side window decorations, e.g. "CSD with no dropshadow":
   -Maybe add a value to the enum to allow a "No CSD" drawmode (like X11)
    which will likely be useful for the KDE people who would like to be able
    to run without CSD.
-Took a look at last years list of dicussed items:
  -Discussed global-keybindings again. Enlightenment does have feature
   requests for this, so just saying we don't do that may not cut it
-Took a look at:
  -Started discussing what we need for startup notication
-Discussed notifications of progress (think download-manager), maybe extend:
  With progress fields so that a persistent notification with a progress bar
  can be shown while a download is in progress (such as is done in android
  when downloading a large app from the appstore)
-How to help people understand / debug wayland problems:
  -Quickly turned into discussion how to get people to file good Wayland
   bugs / to provide the right info to help developers debug their problems
  -No clue
-Discussed startup-notification, should pretty much be a copy and paste of X
  spec to wayland using propertoes on xdg_shell toplevel surface to
  communicate the launcher clicked time for focus stealing prevention, etc.
  Discussed this at Fosdem with Carlos Garnacho, he is interested in looking
  into this / implementing this.



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