[PATCH weston v3] drm: port the drm backend to the new init api

Benoit Gschwind gschwind at gnu-log.net
Tue Feb 9 00:11:48 UTC 2016


while I developing the option 2. I raise few questions because this 
option explicit the fact that back-ends does not share the same API (at 
less for the configuration). To resolve the issue I found the following 

  1. find a common configuration API (use key/value)

  2. have the following split:
    - libweston: every thing that is not in back-ends.
    - libbackendx, libbackendy, ... : back end implementation of 
configuration stuff, that you must link with libweston (this is the 
uncommon API parts of back-ends
    - backendx.so, backendy.so, ... : the loadable (common API) part of 

  3. have the following split:
   - libweston: every thing that is not in backends.
   - libbackendx, libbackendy, ... : back end are not more loadable, and 
are linked at build, developer can drop useless back-ends.

Maybe you have better idea, from my point of view I will prefer the 
third one. it's not optimal in term of loading and memory because we 
need to load all available back-ends but it's cleaner.

Maybe in the option 3 we can hide the option 2 inside, that load a 
backend.so only once it's used to save memory and loading time.

This is something I didn't foresee in my previous e-mail.

Best regards.

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