[ANNOUNCE] weston 1.10.0

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Wed Feb 17 00:12:17 UTC 2016

This is the weston 1.10 release.  This release adds support into Weston
for a number of recently added Wayland protocols.  This includes the new
drag and drop actions, new frame and axis events, buffer co-ordinates
for surface damage,

A V4L2 (Video for Linux 2) client is now included for demonstrating a
way to retrieve video frames from V4L2 devices as dmabuf.  YUV dmabuf
formats are also supported now.

The IVI shell improves its multi screen functionality, and now supports
a variety of modes including side-by-side, fullscreen, tiled, and

Touch input support is added.

Various configuration options in weston.ini have been added to make it
easier to use and do testing with Weston.  "vt-switching"
enables/disables Ctrl-Alt-fn key combos.  "allow-zap" enables/disables
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace from killing the server.

systemd notification support can be enabled by the
--enable-systemd-notify configuration flag.  This permits for instance
establishing a watchdog that can restart weston if it crashes.

Weston now requires the recently created wayland-protocols package to be
installed.  wayland-protocols provides a collection of proposed,
experimental, and/or unstable protocols for use with Wayland.  These
used to be included in Weston, but were split out to make it easier for
other compositor implementations to contribute to and track them,
without needing a dependency on Weston or needing to provide a Weston
reference implementation before they can be shared.

There's probably many more features included which I've overlooked.  Of
course, this release also brings the usual heap of bug fixes, leak
plugging, code refactoring, documentation, and test improvements.

Changes since 1.9.93:

    Bryce Harrington (2):
      releasing.txt: Script now figures out release name on its own
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.10.0 for the official release

Changes since 1.9.0:

    Ahmet Acar (1):
      shared: work around EGL header idiosyncrasy

    Ben Hummon (2):
      clients: Moving and rotating transient surfaces
      clients: Correct drawing glitch in stacking demo

    Benoit Gschwind (1):
      weston_wm: Implement _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW

    Bill Spitzak (1):
      Add commented-out option to weston.ini to set Xwayland path

    Bob Ham (3):
      compositor-{drm, fbdev, rpi}: Make VT switching configurable
      desktop-shell: Make zapping configurable
      desktop-shell: Allow binding-modifier weston.ini option to be none

    Bryce Harrington (24):
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.9.90 for open development
      releasing: Update command path to reflect new scripts dir in wayland-web
      compositor-drm: Ensure strings from EDID blobs are null terminated
      fbdev: Ensure strncpy results are null terminated.
      tests:  Migrate screenshot code from internal test to client helpers
      systemd: Fix distcheck for typo in header path
      configure: Up the libwayland version requirement
      devices-test: Fix typo 'destroyes' in a comment
      compositor: Disallow negative geometries in backend output configs
      clients: Fix a few minor typos in comments
      compositor: Fix a couple comment typos
      compositor: Document routines relating to idle behavior
      compositor: Document how views and surfaces are mapped to outputs
      compositor: Verify that the maximum number of outputs is not exceeded
      compositor: Make types consistent for bitshifting unsigned ints
      gl-renderer: Fix comment typo
      configure.ac: bump to version  for the  release
      releasing: register_release now inserts the email announcement urls
      input: Fix crash when touchscreen generates out of screen coordinate
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.9.92 for the beta release
      shell: Check more thoroughly for undefined surface resource
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.9.93 for the RC1 release
      releasing.txt: Script now figures out release name on its own
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.10.0 for the official release

    Carlos Garnacho (8):
      data-device: Implement DnD progress notification
      data-device: Implement DnD actions
      client: Add DnD cursors to the managed cursors list
      data-device: Implement compositor-chosen actions
      dnd: Turn into a full blown example
      clipboard: zalloc the clipboard_source
      xwayland: zalloc the x11_data_sources
      data-device: Check harder for selection/non-wayland sources

    Chokshi, Mitul (1):
      input: add new client to resource_list instead of focus_resource_list

    Chris Michael (14):
      compositor-wayland: Terminate weston_log error message
      ivi-shell: Add missing '\n' in weston_log function usage
      screen-share: Add missing '\n' in weston_log usage
      cms-colord: Add missing '\n' in weston_log usage
      compositor-rdp: Add missing '\n' in weston_log usage
      weston-input: Reformat weston_log line to add missing space between words
      compositor-drm: pass NULL to mmap() instead of 0 as the address
      compositor: Remove extra blank line
      clients: Adjust grammar of comment for toysurface->prepare function pointer
      compositor.h: Remove unused variable from weston_seat structure
      compositor: Fix comment of subsurface_commit_to_cache function
      main: Remove unused function load_backend_new()
      compositor: Remove unused weston_surface_to_buffer function
      cosmetic: Remove use of C++ style comments

    Christopher Michael (1):
      clients: Fix compositor version check for WL_SURFACE_DAMAGE_BUFFER_SINCE_VERSION

    Derek Foreman (41):
      clients: ungrab the correct input when menus close
      launcher: fix broken distcheck
      launcher: fix typo
      text: Launch input method in text_backend_init
      text: Don't track binding in struct text_backend
      text: Switch to weston_client_start instead of weston_client_launch
      cosmetic: add missing line between variable declarations and code
      xdg-shell: Clarify ack_configure behaviour
      cosmetic: Remove a few double semicolons
      input: Split get_udev_seat() into its own function
      compositor-drm: fix cursor size test in drm_assign_planes
      clients: track seat_version per seat, not per display
      build: Add -lrt for programs that use clock_gettime()
      compositor/clients: Protect CLOCK_BOOTTIME with ifdefs
      weston-launch: Remove unused event source
      clients: try harder to discard motion after resize
      clients: don't discard motion if we have a grab
      compositor-drm: fall back to EGL visual_id 0 if no others work
      compositor-wayland: Change focus to a bool instead of an int
      smoke: Don't post extra damage
      toytoolkit: Remove window_damage()
      compositor: Change "touched" to bool
      gl-renderer: Use a bool for needs_full_upload
      gl-renderer: Make texture_used a bool instead of an int
      compositor: Move weston_matrix_transform_region to compositor.c and export it
      compositor-drm: Use view transform in cursor plane setup
      compositor: ignore useless surface_damage
      compositor, input: Don't use MIN() macro for new resource versions
      simple-damage: Offset drawing co-ordinates not buffer start
      compositor: change rounding in weston_surface_to_buffer_rect()
      compositor: Add damage_buffer
      simple-damage: Add --use-damage-buffer flag
      compositor: Add doxygen for weston_surface_to_buffer_rect()
      cairo-util: return theme location from frame_touch_down
      compositor-wayland: Properly release input resources when caps change
      input: Add notify_touch_cancel()
      compositor-wayland: Add touch support
      input: Don't try to send pointer frames if no focus_client
      xwm: Don't clear the selection if it has no text type available
      compositor-drm: update internal cursor plane location when disabling cursor
      compositor-drm: the cursor plane only supports ARGB

    Egor Starkov (3):
      compositor: remove incorrect idle timer initialization
      compositor: systemd notifications support
      compositor: remove systemd-notify.h

    Emmanuel Gil Peyrot (7):
      compositor-wayland: Expose zlinux_dmabuf
      linux-dmabuf: Move the attributes part of linux_dmabuf_buffer into its own struct
      gl-renderer: introduce a new struct dmabuf_image
      gl-renderer: Add support for a few YUV dmabuf formats
      clients: rename simple-dmabuf into simple-dmabuf-intel
      clients: Fix a few issues in simple-dmabuf-intel
      clients: add simple-v4l-dmabuf client

    FORT David (1):
      weston: release keyboard/touch/pointer objects

    Frederico Cadete (2):
      configure.ac: add support for new versions of systemd
      configure.ac: add explicit enable/disable for systemd-login support

    Giulio Camuffo (10):
      xwm: use always a valid 'primary view' for an X window
      compositor: don't crash if destroying a compositor without a backend
      main: fix destroying the compositor on error while starting
      zoom: Remove unneeded usage of wl_fixed_ts in favour of doubles
      zoom: remove temporary variables
      libinput: remove unused #define
      compositor: introduce structs to handle backends configuration
      compositor: pass the backend config struct to the backends init function
      main: stub the functions to load the backends with the new config system
      xwm: let the shells decide the position of X windows

    Jason Ekstrand (1):
      pixman-renderer: Use output->matrix for region transformations and enable output zoom

    Jasper St. Pierre (3):
      launcher: Rename logind-util to launcher-logind
      launcher: Split out launcher implementations into three distinct ones
      launcher-logind: Remove old VT switching code, move to SwitchTo/Activate

    John-John Tedro (1):
      ivi-shell: initialize all fields in create_layout_transition

    Jon Cruz (3):
      doc: Correct absolute path in doxygen graphs.
      zunitc: Clarify documentation on return behavior.
      zunitc: made name of test fixture parameter explicit.

    Jonas Ã…dahl (18):
      desktop-shell: NULL check whether a popup parent is a shell surface
      desktop-shell: Make activate_binding take a view instead of surface
      desktop-shell: Add surface_keyboard_focus_lost helper
      input: Pass axis events through pointer grab interfaces
      Use fullscreen-shell.xml from wayland-protocols
      Use linux-dmabuf protocol from wayland-protocols
      Use text input protocol from wayland-protocols
      Use input method protocol from wayland-protocols
      Makefile.am: Make the external xml scanning rule version generic
      Use xdg_shell protocol from wayland-protocols
      desktop-shell: Rename protocol weston_desktop_shell
      Rename screenshooter protocol to weston_screenshooter
      Remove workspaces protocol
      releasing.txt: Add step about checking wayland-protocols dependency
      input: Make pointer grab motion callbacks take an event struct
      input: Don't send wl_pointer.motion if position didn't change
      input: Keep per client pointer resources in their own structs
      configure.ac: Bump wayland-protocols dependency to 1.0

    Jonny Lamb (1):
      weston-info: display output scale

    Jussi Kukkonen (1):
      configure.ac: add explicit enable/disable for lcms

    Lucas Tanure (8):
      ivi-layout-transition: Fix potential leak of memory pointed to by transition
      ivi-layout-transition: Change layout_transition_register return type
      ivi-layout-transition: Fix potential leak of memory pointed to by transition
      ivi_layout_surface_add_notification: Fix potential leak of memory pointed to by 'notification'
      vaapi-recorder: Fix allocator sizeof operand mismatch
      ivi-layout-transition: Fix potential leak of memory pointed to by transition
      ivi-layout-transition: Standardize the check for layout_transition_register
      animation: Fix potential leak of memory pointed to by move

    Manuel Bachmann (1):
      terminal: allow copy-paste when selection is scrolled out

    Marek Chalupa (3):
      xwm: flush xcb connection only when we processed some event
      shell: fix maximizing windows on a secondary output
      compositor-x11: send pointer frame after axis event

    Marko (1):
      compositor-x11: Fix Weston running on a secondary X screen

    Nicolas Guyomard (1):
      input-panel: Fix show_input_panel_surface crash when no surface has focus

    Nobuhiko Tanibata (17):
      ivi-shell: fix TODO which expects only one screen in the system.
      ivi-shell: avoid inserting a ivi_layer to multiple screens.
      ivi-shell: fix layout_layer.view_list is not initilized per a screen.
      ivi-shell: remove a code which expects only a screen in the system.
      ivi-shell: activate weston surface with a seat when left click or touch.
      ivi-shell: avoid update_prop() on invisible surfaces
      ivi-shell: convert from screen to global coordinates
      ivi-shell: multi screen support to calcuration of a mask of weston_surface.
      ivi-shell: hmi-controller implements internal method to get screen.
      hmi-controller: allocate base layers for multi-screen
      hmi-controller: allocate background surfaces for multi-screen
      hmi-controller: allocate application layers for multi-screen
      ivi-shell: hmi-controller supports multi screens at tiling mode.
      ivi-shell: hmi-controller supports multi screens at side-by-side mode.
      ivi-shell: hmi-controller supports multi screens at fullscreen mode.
      ivi-shell: hmi-controller supports multi screens at random-mode.
      ivi-layout: apply opacity to weston_view correctly

    Olivier Fourdan (1):
      clients: fix build on Linux

    Pekka Paalanen (2):
      protocol: fix DTD warning in weston-desktop-shell
      compositor-drm: fix hw cursor positioning

    Peter Hutterer (4):
      desktop-shell: use weston_pointer_send_axis
      compositor-rdp: update link to wheel delta explanation
      Add a weston_pointer_axis_event
      Support axis source, axis discrete, frame and axis stop events

    Seedo Eldho Paul (1):
      tests: Convert 'xalloc's to 'zalloc's

    Shinya Saito (1):
      Provide damage region for screen recording on Raspberry Pi

    Sjoerd Simons (1):
      compositor-fbdev: Drop intermediate shadow buffer

    Tomohito Esaki (1):
      screenshooter: correct output ordering of screencast recording when Y-flip is off

    Ucan, Emre (ADITG/SW1) (6):
      ivi-shell: remove struct link_screen
      ivi-shell: remove struct link_layer
      ivi-shell: remove is_layer_in_screen API
      ivi-shell: remove is_surface_in_layer API
      ivi-shell: introduce get_weston_view
      configure: don't control egl version

    Ucan, Emre \(ADITG/SW1\) (2):
      ivi-shell: install ivi-layout-export.h
      ivi-shell: rename ivi_controller_interface

    Yong-iL Joh (1):
      ivi-shell-user-interface: fix runtime error caused by missing header inclusion

    cpaul at redhat.com (1):
      compositor: create_data_source(): Fix potential crash on OOM

git tag: 1.10.0
MD5:  1cd17c54ecac6d9a3cd90bf12eaa3e20  weston-1.10.0.tar.xz
SHA1: c9c2c8e2e798b25e7bf6b31bf0c4ef08724a7ebb  weston-1.10.0.tar.xz
SHA256: e0b2004d00d8293ddf7903ca283c1746afa9ccb5919ab50fd04397ff472aa5c1  weston-1.10.0.tar.xz
PGP:  http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-1.10.0.tar.xz.sig
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