wayland-protocols versioning between releases

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 09:04:16 UTC 2016

Hi Jonas,

I have a small version dependency issue when preparing a patch set to
stabilize the Presentation extension. I want to write a final patch set
to be landed into both wayland-protocols and weston, send it to the
list, and let people be able to test it as usual.

A weston patch needs to bump the wayland-protocols version requirement.
If I bump it to 1.2 assuming the wayland-protocols patches will be
included in 1.2 release, people will have to hack either the
wayland-protocols.pc file or the dependency check in weston to be able
to test my patches.

If I don't bump the requirement in weston in the patch series I send
out for review, there is a danger of forgetting to do it when landing
the series.

I would not want to have a release of wayland-protocols before the
weston patches have been reviewed either.

I suggest we make a wayland-protocols version number policy that allows
other projects to depend on master between releases. We already do
this with Wayland and Weston by having a version bump to 1.x.90 right
after the release of 1.x.0. Another way would be to use even vs. odd
versions like Pixman does.

How should we redefine the versioning, add a third number or go for

FWIW, it seems pkg-config regards 1.2.0 to be greater, not equal, to
1.2 for instance.

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