desktop-shell: How to enable really alpha blending of weston background?

YoungJun Jo dtoartist at
Mon Feb 22 12:36:41 UTC 2016

OS : Linux kernel 3.10
Version : Weston 1.8.0
H/W spec : embedded soc based on ARM

Hello, All

I have a question about weston background.
I want enable alpha blending to background, so i have typed
'background-color=0x00ffffff' on weston.ini.
But that's not really alpha blending. Because alpha value of pixel is a
My chips have four H/W layers, top of the layer is UI layer and second
layer is video layer.

I reviewed source code of 'desktop-shell.c' but i can't find any hints.

Need some additional ideas to solve this problem. Any feedback is

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