[PATCH weston 00/14] IVI Layout API Cleanup

Ucan, Emre (ADITG/SW1) eucan at de.adit-jv.com
Fri Feb 26 15:57:56 UTC 2016

I removed the get APIs, because the same information can be get from
ivi_layout_get_properties_of_surface/layer APIs. Therefore, these APIs
are redundant.

Furthermore, I removed *_set_position/dimension APIs, because position
and dimension can be set 
by ivi_layout_surface/layer_set_destination_rectangle APIs.

I adjusted ivi-layout-transition.c, ivi shell test code
and hmi-controller.c for these changes.

Emre Ucan (14):
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_get_visibility API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_get_visibility API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_get_opacity API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_get_opacity API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_get_position API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_get_position API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_get_dimension API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_get_dimension API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_get_orientation API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_get_orientation API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_set_position API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_set_position API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_set_dimension API
  ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_set_dimension API

 ivi-shell/hmi-controller.c        |   17 ++-
 ivi-shell/ivi-layout-export.h     |  127 --------------------
 ivi-shell/ivi-layout-private.h    |   17 +--
 ivi-shell/ivi-layout-transition.c |   19 ++-
 ivi-shell/ivi-layout.c            |  237 +------------------------------------
 ivi-shell/ivi-shell.c             |    7 +-
 tests/ivi_layout-internal-test.c  |  220 +++++-----------------------------
 tests/ivi_layout-test-plugin.c    |  126 +++++---------------
 8 files changed, 85 insertions(+), 685 deletions(-)


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