Questions about experimental Spice compositor rebase

Fabio Fantoni fabio.fantoni at
Sat Feb 27 18:02:01 UTC 2016

Hi, long time ago I saw an interesting project for weston, the spice 
It is now abandoned because the developer has been involved in another 
As no other has continued it, despite my low knowledge and time I would 
try to update, test and possibly improve it.
I did a new branch with only 2 commit on top of latest upstream commit:
and I tried to do a fast rebase on latest upstream commit (1.10) instead 
of master (development branch) for decrease the risk regression on first 
build/use tests:

Solving conflict about configure and makefile parts I have some doubts 
(as also reported in the description of each commit):
About first commit (Add Spice compositor)
- in some changes seems strange, including LIBS and CFLAGS 
that seems "double"
- Makefile things seems fully changed, tried to adapt them and removed 
src/spice/ but I'm not sure if I did it correct.
About the second commit (Monitor renderer)
- Makefile things seems fully changed, tried to adapt them but I'm not 
sure if I did it correct.
- Add -g to AM_CPPFLAGS in is really needed? not added for now
- add of "-Wl,--wrap=pixman_renderer_init" to LDFLAGS of many other 
backend is really needed? not added for now, if needed is good 
understand why to add it also to new things added since this start 
commit done 3 years ago
- src/compositor-rdp.c changes is really needed? if not I'll remove them

I also searched documentation about api and/or internal weston functions 
changed any versions but I not found them.
I suppose that after 3 years many things are changed, can someone tell 
me if there are any docs that can help me to found/replace the 
removed/changed functions please?
Any other advice that can help me is appreciated.

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english.

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