Questions about experimental Spice compositor rebase

Daniel Stone daniel at
Mon Feb 29 11:22:05 UTC 2016

Hi Fabio,

On 27 February 2016 at 18:02, Fabio Fantoni <fabio.fantoni at> wrote:
> Hi, long time ago I saw an interesting project for weston, the spice
> compositor:
> It is now abandoned because the developer has been involved in another
> project.
> As no other has continued it, despite my low knowledge and time I would try
> to update, test and possibly improve it.


> I did a new branch with only 2 commit on top of latest upstream commit:
> and I tried to do a fast rebase on latest upstream commit (1.10) instead of
> master (development branch) for decrease the risk regression on first
> build/use tests:
> Solving conflict about configure and makefile parts I have some doubts (as
> also reported in the description of each commit):
> About first commit (Add Spice compositor)
> - in some changes seems strange, including LIBS and CFLAGS that
> seems "double"

I think this can be removed. Usually setting LIBS/CFLAGS and
foo_save_LIBS/foo_save_CFLAGS is used for an AC_CHECK_* call, which
relies on LIBS and CFLAGS already being set. I guess there may have
been a call here which has since been removed.

> About the second commit (Monitor renderer)
> - Makefile things seems fully changed, tried to adapt them but I'm not sure
> if I did it correct.
> - Add -g to AM_CPPFLAGS in is really needed? not added for now

No, this is a debugging feature only.

> - add of "-Wl,--wrap=pixman_renderer_init" to LDFLAGS of many other backend
> is really needed? not added for now, if needed is good understand why to add
> it also to new things added since this start commit done 3 years ago

This should be solved in a different way if required.

> - src/compositor-rdp.c changes is really needed? if not I'll remove them
> I also searched documentation about api and/or internal weston functions
> changed any versions but I not found them.

There is no documentation on the change, no.

As you can see, several functions have changed:
  - weston_output_finish_frame now takes a struct timespec rather than
an integer number of milliseconds (trivial conversion)
  - the output repaint function now returns an integer marking success
or failure
  - the compositor interface has now changed to weston_backend, and
you can see examples of the changes required in commit 954f183e

Hope this helps: just pick out the warnings and errors one by one, and
try to figure them out - searching git commits for anything relevant
always helps - until you get something that builds.


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