How to run Weston on specific devices?

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> Hello. My computer has 2 seats. By seat I mean a set containing a 
> monitor, a videocard, a mouse, and a keyboard. I can drive them with 2 
> Xorg server, and I am looking for how to replicate this configuration 
> with Wayland.
> AFAIK, Weston uses "libinput", so I assigned "WL_SEAT" of input devices 


should that not be ID_SEAT?

Also remember to set it for the DRM device you want to use with the

ID_SEAT is for physical seats which is what you are setting up. WL_SEAT
is for "seats" inside a single Weston session so that you can group
input devices to different wl_seat Wayland objects. Particularly, two
mouse devices in the same wl_seat move the same pointer, while two
mouse devices in different wl_seats gets you two independent pointers
in the same session.

> to "seat1" using "udev" rules according to
> . I 
> run "weston-launch" with a configuration file {{{
> [output]
> name=card1-VGA-2
> seat=seat1
> }}}
> Weston drives the wrong videocard and the wrong input devices. I see in 
> its "stderr" that it is scanning all devices.

Have you tried using the --seat command line argument to make Weston's
DRM-backend pick a seat other than the default "seat0"?

You would be running an instance of Weston per each seat / gfx card.

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