Wayland 1.10 release plan

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Wed Jan 13 13:17:23 PST 2016

Our next major release will be version 1.10, which we roughly scheduled
as follows:

  √ Development open
  - 1.10-alpha in mid-January
  - 1.10-beta in first week of February
  - 1.10-rc1 around Feb 9th
  - 1.10.0 by mid-February

I'd like to propose the following dates:

  - 1.10-alpha    Tuesday, January 19th
  - 1.10-beta     Tuesday, February 2nd
  - 1.10-rc1      Tuesday, February 9th
  - 1.10.0        Tuesday, February 16th

I believe we generally feature freeze with the alpha, so this would be a
good point to focus on work that is already near completion.  This has
been a longer than normal development period, which suggests extra
attention on testing and bug fixing in the coming weeks.

While we won't freeze until next week with the alpha, I'd ask reviewers
that from this point until then please strive to be on the conservative
side when landing things, particularly things that affect the build
process or that affect API's.  The 1.11 cycle is going to be shorter
than 1.10 was, so opting to keep something out of 1.10 will only delay
it a little, and will help ensure the 1.10 release proceeds smoothly.

(If there are any features that aren't yet ready but they can't wait until
1.11 to land, please contact pq and I offlist with justification and a
proposed plan by this Friday, and we'll consider them on a case by case


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